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Catch yourself smiling today!

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On Valentine's Day, many women are pampered by the men who love them, showered with gifts, roses, dinner dates and the like. However, there are also women whose men don't really believe in pampering women on this particular day - they would rather just love her throughout the year.  And then, some women, much as they would like to be pampered and treated like a queen are do not have a man like that in their lives.

Sometimes, it's also the women who shun "Valentine's Day Celebs" and do nothing special to show love or expect to be showered with love. And at other times, maybe the modalities of having a celebration and going for a romantic date are just not possible.

Well, whatever be the case, we do hope that as 'Bold & Beautiful Anna Rainn Women' who make their day good whatever comes their way, you did take a moment to catch yourself smiling on Valentine's Day! 

If not, and you are still reading on, you are lucky because we are here to pamper 10 Anna Rainn Women. We started operations in 2010 and this is our 10th year!

Ten of our bold and beautiful women who are the first to purchase a $200 gift voucher (fully redeemable on our products/no expiry date)  this month are going to be pampered with a Celebratory Makeover Photoshoot in the week of our 10th Anniversary (23rd May 2020 - 30th May 2020).

Hurry! (Sales Validity Period 16th Feb - 29th Feb 2020).   

Click the link here to get your gift card (and reserve your spot for the makeover photoshoot) now:


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