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Anupama is one of the co-founders of Anna Rainn and our Chief Belief Officer. 

How old are you❓

Where are you from❓
I think I am a gypsy... Sometimes I feel I am from nowhere but I can bond with people from anywhere. Ok, ok.. I admit it - I am from Wonderland. -
What’s your favourite food❓
Well, I love the concept of Dim Sum. Small, light bites, awesome flavours ...I can gorge on a pile of them. Black sesame, spinach and peanut are my favourite fillings.

Favourite Colour❓
Fifty Shades of Black ;) - I must wear something black almost everyday, but I love to accessorize it with Silver, Gold, Grey or Red.

What’s something most people don’t know about you❓
I can read a romance novel in under 30minutes. I own a collection of 150 Barbara Cartlands (half of them are inheritted) and even today, can be "inspired" by her heroines to "be always pure in intent and in action". 

What made you decide to start Anna Rainn❓
I had just turned 40 (on that day) and had left my job as Director of Business Process Reengineering at Levis, when I met Joanna at a fair. I loved her dresses and saw great potential to delight a larger audience by creating a brand and making the line of clothing more accessible. An engineer by education, I shelved my love of tech for a while in order to feed my creative spirit and pursue a marketing course in fashion in 1995. After having worked in the fashion industry for a decade and then swapping to roll out SAP (tech) in 14 countries for Levis, I felt it was time once again to turn back to fashion. I have been lucky enough to combine my passion for both tech and fashion, and in 2014 also co-founded a tech startup. 

What’s your favourite part about what you do❓
Every time a woman tries our dresses and with one look in the mirror, falls in love with herself all over again....and says a little YES! to herself....that's what makes my day.