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Classic Fit Wrap Dress, Sleeveless Royal Blue

Designer: Anna Rainn

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Classic Fit wrap dress comes in a solid Royal Blue fabric. Our Classic Fit is designed with ruching across the front of the dress to create an hourglass silhouette. Some sizes are in stock. It is also available for pre-ordering. Pre-Orders ship within 7 - 10 working days.


Classic Fit

Rayon - Jersey

Easy care, easy wear - our dresses are easy to maintain - Wash cold/warm, hang to dry and most dresses with prints will not require ironing (a massive time-saver!). We always recommend putting our dresses inside a mesh bag to protect it from the rogue zippers of other items in the wash.  

Note: The Royal Blue is our beautiful uplifting Royal Blue. In the model photos, the dress colors may be slightly off because of the lighting/posture. Please see the zoomed-in picture of the dress  for a better color reference.