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A-Line Wrap Dress, 3/4th Sleeve -Collar - Girls in STEM - Black/White

Designer: Anna Rainn

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Our A-Line style provides a more traditional wrap dress silhouette. 

This product is a part of our "Stylish Singapore" Collection. The print is inspired by the Singapore Science Centre and the big community of “Girls in STEM” in Singapore. Like our founder, often known as the “Tech & Fashion Girl”, embrace the enigma of fast-moving tech in today's world and break stereotypes of who can do what and who should wear what.

This is a Limited Edition launch and the products are available at Design Orchard (250, Orchard Road) or you can purchase them online here.


3/4th Sleeve


Poly Rayon - Jersey

Easy care, easy wear - our dresses are easy to maintain - Wash cold/warm, hang to dry and most dresses with prints will not require ironing (a massive time-saver!). We always recommend putting our dresses inside a mesh bag to protect it from the rogue zippers of other items in the wash.