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There are a couple of things you should know about our products: 

1. They are all made in Singapore.
This means we know exactly where our clothing is being made and that the people who make it are being treated fairly and working in safe conditions. Most of the people involved in making our clothes are women, and at Anna Rainn we believe in supporting every woman who touches our clothing - from those who manufacture it, to those who wear it. 

We try to support local businesses in Singapore as much as possible and are proud to call this Little Red Dot our home. 


2. We make a limited number of items in each print and colour. 
We are not a fast-fashion company and therefore do not make 1,000s of the same thing. We create in small quantities to preserve the integrity of our manufacturing processes. So if you see something you like, you'd better snap it up quick, because there is no guarantee that we'll make it again. 

However, we will always have our Basics range that includes, black, red, and polka-dot dresses - But, even these may change slightly with time, and will never be 100% the same as before, so if you do have one of our dresses, you can guarantee it's pretty unique! 


3. Our dresses currently come in sizes S (UK 8-12*), M (UK 12-16*) and L (UK 16-20*), and we are working on providing larger sizes. We make limited editions in each print for each size, so best be quick if there's one that you like! 

*Sizes are approximate and the range is determined by the stretchiness of each particular fabric.


4. Most of the clothes we make can be easily cared for.
Many of the fabrics we use for our wrap dresses make for easy care and easy wear! You can machine-wash on cold (or warm if you need to get a tough stain out!) and hang-to-dry in order to preserve the shape.

Most of our fabrics don't even require ironing (because let's be real, who has time for that?!). This makes them ideal because they don't wrinkle, so you can wear them ALL day and still look crisp by evening - AND more importantly you can throw them into a suitcase without worrying that it'll look like a crevassed landscape when you arrive at your destination!   

To increase the longevity of your dress further we suggest washing it inside a mesh washing bag. The longer your dress lasts, the more you can get out of it, and the better it is for our environment! 


5. We use real women to model our clothes.
But all women are real women! - Yes, true. By this we mean women who aren't photoshopped to meet ridiculous societal norms. We don't photoshop our images to make our dresses, or the women who wear them look better. We want to show you what's real - and what's real is that our dresses can make women look great. Besides your body - and you - are beautiful exactly the way you are, and we don't want to change a thing.