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We design dresses for real women with real, everyday needs. (See what our customers have to say...)

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Co-founded by Joanna Johnston and Anupama Singal, Anna Rainn was started in Singapore as a way to provide real women with dresses that suited their figures and met their needs. 


Tired of bad shopping experiences that left her feeling less than thrilled about her body, and watching her friends struggle to find clothes that fit women with different curves, Joanna decided to do something about the problem and started "That's A Wrap!" - primarily specializing in wrap dresses.

"We all deserve to feel good about our bodies and confident that what we're wearing flatters us, no matter our shape or size. The wrap dress was the best fit because it flatters so many different figures and can be so versatile." - Joanna 

A year later Joanna met Anupama, who brought with her several years of international apparel business experience, and together they launched Anna Rainn as a fashion brand in 2012.

"When a woman tries on one of our dresses and looks in the mirror and says a little "Yes!" to herself because she loves the way she looks... that's what makes my day - it's what makes it worthwhile." - Anupama


We hope our dresses will inspire you to feel great about your figure and allow you to go about your life as the powerful, kick-ass woman that you are. 

Read here what some of our customers have to say..

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Team Anna Rainn


About Anupama Singal, [Founder, Anna Rainn]

Anupama Singal Founder Anna Rainn


Often referred to as a ‘Fashion & Tech Girl”, Anupama is known for breaking stereotypes. She is a speaker, an author, an Engineer from IIT Delhi and a Postgraduate in Fashion Marketing from NIFT, and pursues both the streams of fashion and technology with equal zest. After having worked at Levi Strauss for 14 years, she moved out of the corporate world and jumped into entrepreneurship.

Anupama is a Co-Founder at 3 companies. Her vision is to touch a million lives meaningfully. Through her fashion brand, Anna Rainn, she promotes body positivity amongst women. As the Co-founder at SLICeR, she has built an innovative merchandising & data analytics platform, Kanvas that helps fashion companies see beyond their data, and improve profitability & productivity.

A dreamer, a doer and a connector of people, you will often find her having engaged and authentic conversations. She urges one to see beyond oneself, be unique, live a life filled with purpose, and move forward with enthusiasm.

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