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Elevate Your Wardrobe with Stylish Wrap Dresses / Tops for Every Occasion.

Faux Wrap, Bright Blue and White, Mini Polka Dot (U.P. $135 / Now on Offer $88 only)

Designer: Anna Rainn

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Our Faux Wraps let you get away with the wrap dress look without having to tie a single thing! The stitching provides the ruching and hourglass effect given by our Classic Fit style, but allows you to be ready in seconds

This design has an adjustable neckline allowing you to cover up, or show more of your chest.  The neckline on this dress is a bit deeper than our regular faux wraps but you can apply a pin at the side or at the neck if you would like to cover up a bit more.


Faux Wrap 
No Sleeves
No Collar
Adjustable Neckline

Medium Size Dress Length: 38" (Inches) / 96.5cm (Centimeters) 

This style is from our seasonal range made in Thailand

Rayon - Jersey

Easy care, easy wear - our dresses are easy to maintain - Wash cold/warm, hang to dry and most dresses with prints will not require ironing (a massive time-saver!). We always recommend putting our dresses inside a mesh bag to protect it from the rogue zippers of other items in the wash.